Helpr was an Android application I built with a group of two other people using the Google Maps API. The point of the app was to allow it’s users to easily rent items for each other. Suppose you have a bike that you don’t use very often, helpr would allow you to mark it as “for rent” and allow users to rent it from you for an hourly rate. When we left the project, users could upload items to the server, and view which ones were available in their general vicinity.


To upload, a user would take a picture of the object, set an hourly rate, and classify which type of object they wanted to rent. The location of the object would then be set by current latitude and longitude of the uploading user. After the item would upload to our server, an icon depicting the classification of the object would be displayed on a map in the latitude and longitude coordinates set by the uploading user. To view items for rent, users could then click on the icon and contct information of the “renting” user would be displayed along with a picture of the item.


The code is available on github.