Monikos is a web view based Android and iOS application I built with a group of 3 other people to assist pharmacy students with the memorization of drug names and facts. The app is also available as a website in a temporary location here. Monikos won second place in the “Innovate Carolina Challenge”.


To assist pharmacy students in the memorization of pharmaceutical facts, students can create lists of drugs and play study aid based games with them or simply memorize the lists with a flashcard mode. The games available are “matching” and “the pill game”, both are displayed as images below. In the “matching” game, users simply match generic drug names to their brand names. In “the pill game”, instead of matching, users are given a drug’s brand name, and they must type the generic name. Both can be played in a “challenge mode”, where users can challenge other users to see which user can complete a specified list the fastest.



The Pill Game




What makes Monikos interesting and directly geared toward pharmacy students is that each user has an associated university and those universities can directly upload “suggested” drug lists to memorize for the week. Particular classes in any university can do the same. Pictures are featured below of the list creation feature and sample weekly lists.

University Weekly Lists


List Creation


Monikos has a MySQL database that holds 200 drugs and their associated facts. This database is displayed in the application in a user-friendly manner. Mnemonics are associated with each drug to help memorize particular aspects of the pharmaceutical. Users can also try to write their own mnemonics and submit them. If the admins believe the user’s mnemonic is better than the current one, it will be replaced.

Drug Database Page


Mnemonic for simvastatin


Submit New Mnemonic


More documentation for the application is available here.