Review a Bear Workshop

This project is a Content Management System built with Node.js, an Express Framework, Vagrant, and a MongoDB Database. In this project, the hypothetical client is Build a Bear workshop and the content management system being built for them is one that holds and manages all their reviews.

In order to download and the view the source code, navigate here and download the zip or run this command in a shell:

git pull

further download instructions are available in the readme of the project on github and below.

Code to run in a shell is written in bold:

initialize node.js with:

npm init

Install dependencies on your computer

cd /path/to/sites/review-a-bear-workshop

npm install

start up a vagrant machine with:

vagrant ssh

Then navigate to “main” directory in vagrant, start the server, and run the code with:

cd /vagrant/review-a-bear-workshop

node index.js

The project should now be available to view on your local machine in a browser window.
An example url would be: http://localhost:8080/users/